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A long-term methane hydrate production test on the Alaska North Slope

Drilling has been started for this international R&D program by Japan and US partners (DOE/NETL and USGS) on Oct. 9, 2022.
We show more images of how the project goes in Alaska on this page.

International cooperative research in Alaska

JOGMEC with USA agencies (The US Department of Energy’s (DOE) National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) and the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)) drilled an initial test well within the Prudhoe Bay Unit (PBU), on the Alaska North Slope in December 2018.

The second offshore production test(Gas production test)April –July, 2017

The second offshore production test(Preparatory drilling)May –June, 2016

The first offshore production test(Gas production test)January – March, 2013

The world’s first extraction of gas from offshore deposits of methane hydrate.

The first offshore production test(Preparatory drilling) February – March, 2012

The first onshore production test in Canada 2007 – 2008

MH21 confirmed the effectiveness of the gas production method from the methane hydrate layer by the " depressurization method ".


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