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Comprehensive Report of Research Results

Comprehensive Report of Phase 1

Comprehensive Report of Phase 2&3 Research Results


  1. Introduction(150KB)
  2. Current Situation Regarding Methane Hydrate R&D (653KB)
  3. Resources Evaluation of the Methane Hydrate offshore Japan (1.09MB)
  4. 1-2.Gas Production Techniques from Methane Hydrate Reservoir (1of2) (4.29MB)
    3-5.Gas Production Techniques from Methane Hydrate Reservoir (2of2) (4.77MB)
  5. 1-3.Development of Fundamental Technology (1of2) (4.51MB)
    4-7.Development of Fundamental Technology (2of2) (3.05MB)
  6. Study of Methane Hydrate Production System and Evaluation of Economics and EROI (1.27MB)
  7. Environmental Studies (739KB)
  8. Administrative Operation (479KB)


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