Research Consortium for Methane Hydrate Resources in Japan

"Research Consortium for Methane Hydrate Resources in Japan"(also known as MH21), an industry-government-academia collaboration research group, was established in FY2001 in order to undertake research in accordance with "Japan's Methane Hydrate R&D Program" announced in July 2001.

"Japan's Methane Hydrate R&D Program" is comprised of three phases. Phase 1 was finished in FY2008 and Phase 2 was started in FY2009.

This website introduces information concerning methane hydrate development in Japan, including basic information on methane hydrate and the accomplishments of MH21 in Phase 1.


Japan’s Methane Hydrate R&D Program
Implementation plan for Phase 2
International Symposium on Methane Hydrate Resources has been concluded successfully

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